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Reiki Circle on every Wednesday night in Sin-Dien

Because I put my contact information on ICRT website and I have received some mail to request for class or Reiki get together. I would love to teach Reiki class in English to foreign people who lives in Taiwan but problem is always, I can't hold a class just for one student.

Luckily, we have our Mark from Canada attended our class in Chinese because his friend, David, attended the class with him and help me to do the translation. I invite Mark to join our regular Reiki Exercise on every Wednesday night and he shows his interest on this. Then I write email to every people who write me in the past to invite them to join the meeting.

Now we start to have two English speaking friends to practice Reiki with us constantly on every Wednesday night, from PM 7-9.

If you have learned Reiki before, no matter what lineage you have, you are welcome to join our Reiki exercise. Please leave your message below and we will contact you.

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